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Laptops have become an integral part of one’s work and nothing can be done without the help of a laptop including all the official works leaving out personal purposes. From dawn to dusk, we write, share, prepare projects, presentations, reports, and documents, or use the laptop for the purpose of entertainment. However, one thing that we ignore is damage that we unknowingly cause due to overwork or sometimes ignorance towards laptop handling.

How to resolve overheating problem on laptops

Overheating: Laptop Overheating problems are quite common and frustrating.

The problem arises due to faulty fan which stops working or continuous use of gadget leads to wear & Tear damage. Likewise, overuse/continuous use of the laptops leads to overheating and decrease in its battery capacity further leading to power problems such as auto shut down/power off, power failure, Graphic Display error etc.

The cooling of the CPU in laptops are usually performed by a special fan and a metal conductor (aluminium/copper plate). The conductor connected with thermal grease produces heat without producing electricity.

Overheat issue could be due to any of below points:

1. Due to the overuse and accumulation of overtime dust inside the laptop and particles that enter blocks the air vents leads to high heating problem. The over speed running of the fan due to dust pile up can reduce the performance of the CPU.

2. Certain heavy graphic software may be the reason for the overheating on the laptop. This causes working problems and slows down the system.

3. Positioning of laptop at soft surface while working such as bed, human body (in the lap) etc. It blocks the air circulation inside the laptop which causes overheating and lead to auto shutdown (auto power off) issue.

4. Continuous charging of laptop, even after 100% charging, could be another reason for laptop overheating as the battery gets bed quickly.

5. Another reason for overheating is a clogged-up fan or erroneous fan inside the laptop due to electrical failure.

6. The thermal grease that develops between the heatsink and the CPU has degenerated may contribute to the overheat of laptop

7. If even after airing out the laptop vents the laptop continuous to heat up, this might be due to the temperature of the surroundings where the laptop is being used.

8. Usage of browsers with video flash as certain browsers will subject the CPU to hard work resulting in the heat release and increased fan speed.

Let’s look at easy ways to keep your laptop away from overheating

Overheating in laptops is quiet common problem which we all experience in our routine usage. Apart from the overheating caused by the internal hardware, there are certain precautions which could help avoid your laptop from overheat.

Do’s and Don’ts – tips for your laptop:

1. Increase the battery life cycle by using power adopter appropriately (i.e. charge laptop to 100% and then remove the charger and put back the laptop on charge before it completely drains and goes off below generally 10%)
2. If possible, Avoid the use of laptop while it is charging as it leads to extra heating.
3. Avoid positioning the laptop in your lap or on the bed while working as it blocks the air circulation inside the laptop which cause overheating and lead to auto shutdown issue. This is one usual thing that we see around. It is advisable to use table or hard surface under the laptop which would help is reducing the heat.
4. Remember to use cooling panels that are available in the market for laptops. They can be connected to the lap like USB.
5. Keeping away from food and drinks are good and advisable. Food crumbs falling inside can cause blocks inside passages preventing proper air circulation inside.
6. Battery replacement and checking on chips and motherboard are one final solution for the laptop heating.
7. Avoid load on CPU: Minimize usage of browsers with video flash because certain browsers will subject the CPU to hard work resulting in the heat release and increased fan speed.

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