When Should You Choose React Native For Your Mobile Application

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React Native is a popular cross-platform app development framework and its scope is growing at a fast pace. It is an open-source framework used for developing powerful native-like apps. With this framework, developing mobile apps is quite faster and cost-effective. React Native development allows using the same code for both- iOS and Android platforms which saves time and efforts of the developers.

So, this framework is like a blessing for start-ups, small and mid-sized companies who have tight budgets. They can reach a wider market in one go using React Native app development solutions. As a result, a plethora of React Native development services have been established worldwide. Besides, this framework is already a favorite choice of many successful names in the mobile industry. Bloomberg, Facebook manager, Myntra, UberEats, Instagram, Tesla, Pinterest, and a lot more have turned towards this framework for iOS and Android apps.

In the following article, we will know about the benefits of React Native development and when should the companies prefer it for mobile app development.

Key Benefits of React Native

• Reusability of native components like GPS, camera, maps, etc. to provide a Native UX feeling to the apps.
• Allows building a mobile applications using only Javascript.
• A plethora of ready-made solutions and libraries
• Simplified and platform-specific UI/UX
• Changes are implemented as soon as the code is saved
• Responsive mobile apps having lower loading times
• Enhanced security and reliability
• Faster development, so faster time-to-market
• Strong community support by Facebook
• Works well while used in combination with other frameworks
• Declarative coding style to simplify the coding process
• Third-party plugin support- native modules and JavaScript modules

With so many benefits, the scope for every React Native app development company around the globe has sky-rocketed.

When to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

If one has to develop an app faster, React Native allows the development of MVP version of applications and brings the basic product in the market at the earliest. It not only grabs the investors’ attention quickly but also gives a rough idea about the success or failure of the app. The app owners can know in a short amount of time, whether the target audience likes the app or whether advanced features need to be added to make it more competitive.

This is an open-source framework hence anyone can use it. It makes use of native UI elements thereby giving the apps a native look and feel. It uses high-level programming language- JavaScript which reduces the chances of errors and ensures high security in the apps. So, for all scales of mobile apps, React Native is a good choice. However, it suits more to the applications that need a more sophisticated server for its computation process.

As an open-source platform, React Native has plenty of documentation available for free. Anyone in the community can use it and even share the experience with anyone in the community. So, for any doubts and queries as well, the React Native developers can connect with the community. As a result, React Native development becomes easier and the chances of the app failure are rare.


React Native is a remarkable framework, especially for cross-platform app development. It is still growing and making advances to deliver better. It has a futuristic and flexible approach for app development projects. Hopefully, this article may have helped you to know when you should prefer this framework and solved all related queries.

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